J. Novak, J. Tywoniak
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4th International Symposium on Building and Ductwork Air Tightness - BUILDAIR (former European Blower Door Symposium), 1-2 October 2009, Berlin, Germany

The basic statistics of airtightness test results collected since 2002 in the Czech Republic arepresented. The test results are compared with the limit values according to national standard CSN 730540-2. An overview of airtightness related requirements stipulated in this standard is introduced inshort with an emphasis on the overall airtightness of building envelope. New preliminary standardsfocused on the assessment and classification of low-energy and passive houses are presented. The aim of these documents is explained. The airtightness related requirements of these preliminarystandards are described in more details, namely the procedures for measurement of residentialbuildings and evaluation of test results. The contribution aims to support the discussion and anexchange of experience concerning such methods.