Michael Meyer-Olbersleben
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6th International BUILDAIR Symposium on Building and Ductwork Airtightness, 6 May 2011, Berlin, Germany

The actual question is as follows: “Is the building envelope of the first passive house in China sufficiently airtight?” To determine air-tightness in China, a pressure differential test was to be conducted. First, a number of questions had to be answered. What building system is used and which materials are implemented? Who will conduct the measurement, according to which standard will it be conducted, and how will the measuring equipment be transported to the site? What are the customs regulations to be observed and what kind of problems could the authorities in the area pose? How will communication with the workers as well as their supervisors be established? Who is the client, who will pay the bill, and in which currency – EURO or RMB? What pitfalls are there, what must be avoided at all costs, what should not be forgotten, what needs to be considered – how does one prepare? What differences are there compared to German building sites? In my presentation, I will give the symposium’s participants an impression of how this task was managed, illustrated by pictures and short film clips. I have already given a short version of this presentation at FLiB’s general meeting.