Meir I A
Bibliographic info:
UK, James & James Ltd, 1988, proceedings of "Environmentally friendly cities", PLEA 98 (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) conference, held Lisbon, Portugal, June 1998, pp 245-248

The paper presents a bioclimatic house in the Negev Desert, lsrael, as a case study through which it attempts to present a comprehensive and critical view of bioclimatic architecture, design support tools, and appropriate details vis-a-vis common construction technologies and practices, assessing their relative impact and limitations. A number of topics are examined from different aspects, such as insulation and thermal mass, window systems incorporating double glazing, insulated shutters and window screens, vis-a-vis solar ventilation and infiltration. Although interesting in themselves, topics such as desert gardening, runoff harvesting, soil types and graywater recycling, are not dealt with in this paper.