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Behaviour of inclined jet on room cooling.

Sinha S L, 2001
air movement | cooling | temperature
Bibliographic info: Building and Environment, No 36, 2001, pp 569-578, 28 figs, 3 tabs, 48 refs.
Languages: English

States that when used with ice storage systems, cold air distribution systems are popular since they require less operating and capital costs. Stresses the importance of a consideration of occupant comfort. The study looked at air circulation and temperature distribution in a room, considering different orientation, velocities and sizes of jet for a given vertical location of air inlet and outlet on opposing walls. A control volume method was used to solve the Navier-Stokes equations and an energy equation in two dimensional rectangular Cartesian coordinates. As jet dimensions increased, cooling performance improved. Notes a major change in the flow pattern at critical Gr, beyond which oscillatory flow starts up. Also if the conditioned air enters at an angle of ten degrees to the horizontal through the inlet of size 0.2 m, laminar non-oscillatory flow can be maintained for the largest range of Gr=10 to the 7 at RE=2000.

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