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Assessment of velocity fields in the vicinity of rectangular exhaust hood openings.

Cascetta F, Rosano F M, 2001
exhaust | local exhaust ventilation | mathematical modelling
Bibliographic info: Building and Environment, No 36, 2001, pp 1137-1141, 5 figs, 12 refs.
Languages: English

Presents new empirical formulae for the prediction of the air velocity in front of rectangular (slot) openings. Infers the equations from an experimental study of a common type of local exhaust opening. The formulae describe the three-dimensional velocity field near a rectangular exhaust hood, providing the velocity gradients along suitable directions, parallel to the slot axis. Testing of the formulae showed a good fit to the experimental data. The authors emphasise the simplicity and user-friendliness of the method for predicting the air velocity in front of a suction opening and for correctly dimensioning a local exhaust ventilation system.

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