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ASHRAE's new residential ventilation standard

Sherman M., 2004
ventilation rate | residential building | standard
Bibliographic info: LBNL - Ashrae Journal, January 2004, Vol. 46 N° 1, pp S149-S156, 12 Ref.
Languages: English

The major concern for HVAC's professionals is the engineering of indoor environments, but health and safety must be a primary concern too. In so far as people spend nearly 90 % of their time indoors - mostly at home -, residential ventilation ought to have a large emphasis in ASHRAE. In this article, today's sources are examined (combustion, microbiologicals, radon and soil gas, particles, VOCs), then ASHRAE's residential ventilation standard requirements are listed. Then a Top-10 list of ways homeowners can ensure good indoor air quality is presented, each point is detailed to determine what is specified in Standard 62.2., what goes beyond it and what a professional should do.

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