Rota R, Nano G, Carra S, Torricelli P, et al
Bibliographic info:
Canada, Canadian Environment Industry Association, 1997, proceedings of Ventilation '97: Global Developments in Industrial Ventilation, 5th International Symposium on Ventilation for Contaminant Control, held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Application of industrial painting is often carried out by air-atomization. In this case, health hazards arise from the exposure to solid and liquid aerosols as well as to solvent vapors. Control of these airborne pollutants may be achieved through the use of a spray booth, whose effectiveness depends also on the number and dimension of the openings, on the main air flow rate, as well as on the direction and flow rate of secondary air streams. This work analyzes the influence of these design parameters on the overall efficiency of a painting booth using a mathematical model, whose reliability was assessed by comparison with several measurements carried out in a real-size painting booth.