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AIVC project: "Indoor Air Quality-IAQ metrics"

AIVC, 2017
Bibliographic info: AIVC project: "Indoor Air Quality-IAQ metrics, "AIVC project ID: A 2017-01, Status: Ongoing
Languages: English

There have been many new sensors introduced on the market claiming that they can perform accurate measurements of Indoor Air Quality. Many of them are low-cost sensors that can be applied at the mass scale. The subsequent question is what is and should be considered to be the metric of Indoor Air Quality. No consesus on this matter has yet been achieved. Few metrics have been proposed in the past including most known CO2 and TVOC concentrations but actually only CO2 concentration has been widely used in the applications related to built environment and HVAC. It is probably a good time to re-launch the discussion on what constitutes an IAQ metric, on the pros and cons of previous and currently used metrics as well as on challenges in the future. This project will attempt to address some of these issues.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Document and discuss the current state-of-the-art concering development of IAQ metric
  • Propose development and future research on IAQ metrics

Project outcomes




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