U. Köpcke, M. S. Ranz
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3rd European Blower Door Symposium, 30-31 May 2008, Kassel, Germany

A thermally conductive building envelope must be constructed to be permanently airtight - this has been compulsory according to German building regulations since 1 Jan. 1995. That 6 Para. 1 of the current Energy Saving Regulations, in force since 1 Oct. 2007, nevertheless requires construction of a airtight building envelope not only according to the current 'state of the technology' but to the 'generally recognised rules of the technology' is barely comprehensible, as rules of technology relevant to airtightness, that could be valid as 'generally recognised', are hardly evident. In the lack of generally recognised rules of the technology, one must fall back on the higher authority of the EnEG (Energy Saving Act), which requires construction according to the current 'state of the technology'.