S. Rolfsmeier
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2nd European Blower Door Symposium, March 2007

Manufacturing and development processes in the electrical industry (microchips), thetechnology for smallest elements with high precision, the medical research and thefood technology as well as operating theatres require laboratories and/or areas withparticularly unsoiled air. The clean-room technology dedicates itself to theprotection of these work areas. A field of application is the avoidance of undesirablehigh concentrations of suspended matters and fine types of dust in air, which canlead to disturbances in the operating procedure and to falsified test results. For thisreason it is necessary to limit the particle load of the room air.In the following two measuring examples one describes, which experiences weremade with airtightness measurements in pure areas and why defined airtightnessrequirements to the space covering and their early examination with the BlowerDoormeasuring system is a relevant test criterium to the securing of small dust loads.