Michael Wehrli
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9th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 8-9 May 2015 Kassel, Germany

Purpose of the work

After long, controversial discussions, the main Swiss standard on thermal insulation and airtightness, SIA 180, was finally amended in summer 2014. In addition to changing the permitted limits to the envelope-area value of q50, it also gives some indications as to the airtightness design and its implementation in planning and construction. This presentation provides an overview of the approaches that are also of interest to other countries.

Method of approach

  • Since when has the term “airtightness design” been used in the standards?
  • Does an airtightness design guarantee a high level of quality in construction?
  • Project planning
  • Invitation for tenders
  • Implementation
  • Internal and external quality control
  • Specific indications on airtightness in SIA 180
  • Requirements for building components

Content of the presentation

The content of the presentation ties in with specialist articles from Switzerland and Germany and shows that in order to achieve a high-quality building envelope, an airtightness design should involve all the participants in a construction project throughout all phases of construction. It is especially important to begin with the airtightness design during an early construction phase!

Of particular interest is that the airtight layer according to the standard does not necessarily have to follow the insulation layer, but that it can, for example, also be defined alongside party walls or fire compartments.


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