Grot R.A.
Bibliographic info:
Proc. ASHRAE/DOE Conference "Thermal performance of the exterior envelope of the building II" Dec 6-9 1982 USA p.391-406 8 figs. 10 tabs. 5 refs. #DATE 06:12:1982 in English

Presents data on the air infiltration and ventilation rates in 2 large commercial buildings. One building is a 4 storey, 10000m2 office building near Glasgow, Scotland; the other is a 26 storey, 100,000m2 skyscraper in Newark NJ. Collects the data on air infiltration and ventilation rates by a micro-computer based automated air infiltration system which controls the injection of a tracer gas into the various zones of the building and monitors its decay. The microcomputer also monitors the operation of the building's HVAC system, the interior temperature, building envelope surface pressures,the exterior temperature, and wind speed and direction.