Grot R.A. Persily A.K.
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4th AIVC Conference "Air infiltration reduction in existing buildings" Elm, Switzerland, 26-28 September 1983

Describes the testing of 8 federal office buildings (size from 3000 sq.m. - 45000 sq.m.) for their air infiltration characteristics, as part of the NBS program to develop diagnostic test methods for evaluating the thermal integrity of federal office buildings. Performs tracer gas tests in the autumn, winter and spring to evaluate both the ventilation of these buildings during occupied periods and the natural air leakage under various weather conditions. Performs fan pressurization tests using the supply and exhaust fans of the building and a tracer technique to measure the air flow induced by the HVAC fans. In the winter, performs an infra-red thermographic inspectionof the buildings to reveal the sites of building leakage.