Hayakawa S. Togari S.
Bibliographic info:
Kajima Institute of Construction Technology, Japan. Report no.30 January 1979 22p. 14 figs. 4 tabs. 4 refs. #DATE 01:01:1979 in English #AIC 321

Unopenable, fixed windows have been widely used in high-rise buildings in Japan, but the energy crisis has forced a reconsideration of the merits of natural ventilation with openable windows. However opening windows inhigh-rise buildings, has the disadvantage that open windows causes air flow variation of a mechanical system due to stack effect.< Reports results of a computer simulation of this problem. Describes computer program to calculate air flows in a building. Describes example building, giving air leakage and HVAC system characteristics. Gives results of analysis for example building. Discusses the effect of opening a window. Gives effect on pressure differences, infiltration through the window and variation of air flow volume in HVAC system.