Moser A, Chen Q, Schaelin A, Yuan X
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13th AIVC Conference "Ventilation for Energy Efficiency and Optimum Indoor Air Quality", Nice, France, 14-18 September 1992

The first version of this "Atlas" contains over 100 cases of office air flow patterns for different ventilation systems. The book is designed to give the design engineer a quick idea of how a particular system works under various loads. Maps have been prepared for velocity, temperature, turbulent kinetic energy, percentage dissatisfied due to draft risk, and pollutant concentrations (caused by a smoker, bookshelf, or by building materials). So far, furnished office rooms have been analyzed with a k/e-turbulence model finite-volume computer code, and ventilating systems include the displacement and mixing type. The Poster explains how the computations were performed and how the Atlasmay be used.