Maghrabi A A, Sharples S
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in: PLEA '99 "Sustaining the Future - Energy, Ecology, Architecture", proceedings of a conference held Brisbane, Australia, September 22-24, 1999, edited by Steven V Szokolay

This study investigated the pressure flow characteristics over a number of fullscale modulated louvered windows (MLW). The various MLW parameters included louver inclination angle (8), depth (L), aperture (d) and the ratio of aperture/depth (d/L%). Airflow models were developed using both power law and quadratic model equations. By examining the coefficient of determination (r2) for both model equations, it was evident that the quadratic model equation suggested the best curves fit. The pressure flow characteristics as a function of louver inclination angle ( B) in conjunction with (d/L) were presented in dimensionless form. It was concluded that the pressure flow characteristics could be controlled if proper configurations of MLW were to be chosen.