Yuill GK., Haerl J.S., Caldwell J.S.
Bibliographic info:
Ashrae 2005 Annual meeting -Technical and symposium papers-, Denver, June 2005, pp 19

This paper provides a method for verifying the accuracy of computer models that simulate the performance of the airhandling components of three types of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems: the constant volume terminal reheat system, the constant volume dual duct system, and the variable air volume system. To accomplish this, a detailed description of each system and its operating parameters was developed and a set of eight test conditions was generated, consisting of carefully chosen space loads and weather conditions. Each of
the systems was simulated at each of the defined conditions. The thermodynamic properties at each point in the system and the heating and cooling coil loads were calculated. The calculations
were then repeated by a second analyst using an independently developed program. The maximum deviation in the coil loads was 1.9%, and the average was 0.14%. These validated results can be used by program developers or users to test the performance of the air-side simulations contained in most building energy analysis computer programs.