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7th AIVC Conference "Occupant interaction with ventilation systems" Stratford on Avon, UK, 29 September - 2 October 1986

The proceedings of the seventh AIVC Conference contain 16 papers and 5 posters as follows: Requirements for adequate and user-acceptable ventilation installations in dwellings; Ventilation air infiltration and building occupant behaviour; A preliminary study of window opening in 18 low energy houses; Occupants' influence on air change in dwellings; The influence of occupant behaviour on indoor air quality - a case study; Ventilation and occupant behaviour in two apartment buildings; Inhabitant behaviour with regard to mechanical ventilation in France; Ventilation heating system of small houses; User controlled exhaust fan ventilation in one-family houses; Ventilation and indoor air quality in new Norwegian dwellings; Influence of the meteorological conditions on the inhabitants' behaviour in dwellings with mechanical ventilation; A sociological perspective on tenant behaviour with regard to domestic ventilation - an example at Lausanne, Switzerland; Ventilation requirements for moisture control in different climates; Measurement of carbon dioxide of the indoor air to control the fresh air supply; Gravity driven flows through open doors;The use of passive ventilation systems for condensation control ia dwellings and their effect upon energy consumption; Ventilation strategies and occupants' behaviour; Spatiotemporal control of mechanical exhaust air ventilation; Design of occupancy related ventilation control system for a new entertainment centre in Hong Kong; Householder response to airtightness information; Effects on ventilation behaviour of inhabitants in residential buildings.

Contains 6 supplementary papers as follows: “Ventilation and energy efficiency”'; “Influence of night-time ventilation reduction on indoor air quality in Danish blocks of flats”; “A detailed statistical analysis of window use and its effect on the ventilation rate in 2400 Belgian social houses”; “Effect of instructions to inhabitants on their behaviour”; “Inhabitants behaviour with respect to ventilation”'; “The role of trickle ventilators in domestic ventilation design”