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5th AIVC Conference "The implementation and effectiveness of air infiltration standards in buildings" Nevada, US, 1-4 October 1984

Twenty one papers presented at the fifth AIVC Conference as follows: Review of building airtightness and ventilation standards; IEA Annex IX Minimum ventilation rates - Survey and outlook; A standard for minimum ventilation; Airtightness standards for buildings - the Canadian experience and future plans; Better airtightness: Better or worse ventilation?; Energy performance standards regarding air infiltration of buildings in Switzerland; Description of ASHRAE's proposed airtightness standard; Air quality issues in ventilation standards; Air leakage or controlled ventilation?; Development of occupancy-related ventilation control for Brunel University library; Performance of passive ventilation systems in a two-storey house; Implications and analysis of airtightness and ventilation standards; The influence of climate and ventilation system on airtightness requirements; A consequence analysis of new Norwegian building regulations on air infaltration; Measured and building code values of air change rates in residential buildings; Constancy of airtightness in buildings; Baseline data: Health and comfort in modem office buildings; First-phase occupant reaction to well-sealed indoor environments; Contaminant buildup in houses; Verification of calculation models of air infiltration using three types of test houses; Air flow calibration of building pressurization devices.

Three supplementary papers: The role of air infiltration in energy conservation; Airtightness and wall construction in prefabricated Swedish single family houses; Philosophy and background of the Dutch standard for airtightness of dwellings; together with discussion.