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4th AIVC Conference "Air infiltration reduction in existing buildings" Elm, Switzerland, 26-28 September 1983

Contains 16 papers including: Keynote Paper, Potential and limits of energy savings in the Swiss building stock; Recommended retrofit actions based on air infiltration evaluations in a variety of buildings; Air infiltration control in housing - a guide to international practice; The measurement of air infiltration rates in large enclosures and buildings; Ventilation measurements in large buildings; Air leakage ia industrial buildings • preliminary results; An oveview of ventilation research in large non-residential buildings; Improvement of airtightness in four schools; Air infiltration in high-rise buildings; Case study of retrofitting a 14-storey office building in Oslo; Air infiltration and airtightness tests in 8 US office buidlings; Ventilation rates and intercell airflow rates in a naturally ventilated office building; Retrofit-planning-tools for institutional and residential buildings with user influenced air infiltration; Air infiltiation in New Zealand houses; Air tightness of residential buildings in Japan; Component leakage areas in residential buildings.

Contains 1 supplementary paper: Experiences in air infiltration measurements in dwellings;