Rudbeck Claus
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Building Simulation, 2005, Montreal, Canada, 8 p

The paper describes a strategy of how to implement technical installations (heating, domestic hot water and ventilation) in a building energy calculation application in an effective and userfriendly manner. Technical installations are designed using a 3x4 matrix (3 columns for the different technical systems; 4 rows for the system parts: generation (E), storage (S), distribution (V) and emission (Ü)). The 12 parts specified individually with information related to one specific part provided on-screen at any time, enhance the user friendliness substantially. The entire system layout is updated on a continuing basis, showing possible conflicts (e.g. if a storage tank does not fit with a certain type of boiler). The building energy calculation application, BuildDesk Expert - Energy Design, supports building designers in complying with the energy part of national building codes.