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12th AIVC Conference "Air Movement and Ventilation Control within Buildings" Ottawa, Canada, 24-27 September 1991

Vol1: Twenty eight papers from the twelventh AIVC Conference, titles as follows: “The Message of Annex 20: Air Flow Patterns within Buildings”; “Evaluation of Measured & Computer Test Case Results from Annex 20, SubTask 1”; “Models for the Prediction of Room Air Distribution”; “Single Sided Ventilation”; “Modelling of Large Openings”; “Wind Induced Fluctuating Air Infiltration in Buildings”; “Airflow Driven Contaminants. Transport Through Buildings Annex 20 SubTask 2.5.”; “Source Book Presentation of Annex 18 - Demand Controlled Ventilation System”; “Demand Controlled Ventilation-Application to Auditoria”; “Demand Controlled Ventilation Systems in Office Buildings”; “Dispersion Pattern of Contaminants in a Displacement Ventilated Room”; “Performance Evaluation of Humidity Controlled Natural Ventilation in Apartments”; “Controlled Natural Ventilation”; “Design Guidelines for Thermal Envelope Integrity in Office Buildings”; “Buildings, Health and Energy”; “Energy Cost & Program Implication”; “The Simulation of Infiltration Rates & Air movement in a Naturally Ventilated Industrial Building”; ”Field Measurements of Interaction of Mechanical Systems & Natural Infiltration”; “Single-Zone Stack-Dominated Infiltration Modelling”; “Comparison of Airtightness, IAQ & Power Consumption Before & After Air-Sealing of High-Rise Residential Bldgs”; “Determination of Flow Direction by a Globe-Sensor containing Thermal Anemometers”; “Wind Shelter Effects on Air infiltration”; “Assessing Intake Contamination from Atmospheric Dispersion of Building Exhaust”; “Airflow Patterns in a Five-Storey Apartment Building”; “PFT Measurements in Ventilation Ducts”; “The reliability of Infiltration & Air Movement- Data Obtained from Single Tracer Gas Measurements in Large Spaces”; “Application of Tracer Gas Analysis to Industrial Hygiene investigations”; “Single-Sided Natural Ventilation - How Deep an Office?”


Vol2:Twenty eight posters from the twelventh AIVC Conference, titles as follows: “Simulation of a Multiple-Nozzle Diffuser”; “A New Handbook on Measurement Techniques Related to Airflow Patterns Within Buildings”; “Stochastic Model of Inhabitant Behaviour In Regard to Ventilation”; “The Use of Test Chambers for Characterising the Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Indoor Construction Materials”; “Ventilation Flow Analysis-Flow Visualisation & LDA Measurements in Water Scale Models,Validation of Numerical Results”; “Scaling of Air Flow Patterns in Room Ventilation”; “ Concentration Distribution in a Ventilated Room Under Isothermal Conditions”; “Multi-room Ventilation Efficiency”; “Turbulence Characteristics in Rooms Ventilated with a High Velocity Jet”; “Simulation of Thermal Coupling Between a Radiator & a Room with Zonal Models”; “Preheating & Cooling of the Incoming Air of Dwellings Using an Earth-Laid Pipe”; “A New Control Algorithm for the Measurement of Variable Air Change Rates”; “Advanced Humidity Control Device for the Prevention of Mould”; “Ventilation & Humidity in Bathrooms”; “Demand Controlled Venti1ation:Full Scale Tests in a Conference Room”; “Demand Controlled Ventilation-Evaluation of Commercially Available Sensors”; “Should Further HVAC Systems Be Demand Controlled?”; “Performance Analysis of Demand Controlled Ventilation System Using Relative Humidity as Sensing Element”; “Potential for Residential Demand Controlled Ventilation”; “A Demonstration of Low Cost DCV Technology on Five Canadian Houses”; “Demand Controlled Ventilation in a School”; “Warm Air Heating with a Constant High Supply Air Flow Rate Without Recirculation”; “Ventilation Control within Exhaust Fan Ventilated Houses”; “Control Algorithms for Rooms with Displacement Ventilation System”; “Performance Evaluation of Kitchen Hoods”; “Ventilation for Control of IAQ,Thermal Comfort & Energy Conservation by C02 Measurement”; “Measurement of the Entrance Length & Friction- Factor of Ducts Using Tracer Gas Techniques”; “Interzonal Airflow Measurement-A Tool to Solve Pollution Problems”.

Vol3: Thirty posters rom the twelventh AIVC Conference.