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11th AIVC Conference "Ventilation system performance" Belgirate, Italy, 18-21 September 1990

Vol 1: Twenty four papers from the eleventh AIVC Conference, titles as follows: “Keynote Speech”;”Indoor Air Quality in “Buildings of the Year ”Max Productivity - Minimum of Complaints”; “Indoor Air Quality Guide for Property Managers in Office Buildings”; “Demand Controlled Systems for Dwelling-houses of the Future”; “Indoor Air Flow & Pollutant Removal in a Room with Task Ventilation”; ”Tests of Localized Ventilation Systems in a New Controlled Environment Chamber”; “The Man-Machine-Interface for the Air Exchange Measurement System Multi-Cat”; “Experimental Evaluation of a Hygroregulating Natural Ventilation System”; “Automated Apparatus for Air Infiltration Measurements with Tracer Gases”; “Comparison of Tracer-Gas Methods for Measuring Air Flows in Two-Zone Buildings”; “Measurement of Airflow in HVAC Systems Using Tracer Gas Techniques”; ”Ventilation Efficiency Assessment in Residential Buildings”; “Structure of Models for the Prediction of Airflow and Contaminant Dispersal in Buildings”; “Effect of Wind Pressure Fluctuations on Air Movements Inside Buildings”; “Interaction between Air Infiltration and Combustion Appliances- Validation of a Numerical Model”; ”Air Curtains for Infiltration Control -A Computational Fluid dynamics analysis”; “Calculation of the Air Flow Pattern in A Proposed New European Test Chamber for Radiators”; “The Ventilation Chamber of the University of Basilicata”; “Ventilation Systems and Removal of Particles”; “Building Performance and Ventilation System”; “Two Directional Air Movements in Stairwells”; “Air Flow Through Building Slits and Components”; “Sensor for Continuous Ventilating Rate Measurement in Livestock Buildings”; “Ventilation System Performance of Vertical Exhaust Common-Duct in a Multi-Story House”.

Vol2: Twenty one papers from the eleventh AIVC Conference, titles as follows“Measurements of Sub Floor Ventilation Rates - Comparison with Brevent Predictions”; “A Gaze Prediction of the Performance of Various Strategies of Subfloor Ventilation as Remedial Action for Radon Problems”; “Design of Ventilation Systems in Residential Buildings”; “Humidity Controlled Natural Ventilation Without Auxiliary Energy Supply”; “Performance Assessment of a Humidity-Controlled Ventilation System”; “Presentation Final Report Annex XIV with Special Emphasis on the Case Studies”; “The Influence of Different Ventilation Devices on the Occupants Behaviour in Dwelling”; “Numerical and Experimental Study on Flow and Diffusion Field in Room”; “Natural Provision of Dwellings with Supply Air by the "Dortmund Ventilation System”; “Determination of Air Exchange Rates for Demand Controlled Ventilation”; “Room Air Temperature Control in Demand Controlled Ventilation Systems”; “Demand Controlled Ventilating Systems-Practical Tests”; “Ventilation Characteristics of Selected Type of Buildings and Indoor Climate”; “Ventilation System as an Air Heating System - Measuring Results in a Residential Building”; “Air Change Rate and Indoor Air Quality in Bedrooms of Well Tightened Residential Buildings”; “Reporting Guidelines for the Measurement of Airflows & Related Factors in Buildings”; “A Simple Method Using Tracer Gas to Identify the Main Air and Contaminant Paths within a Room”; “Errors in the Measurement of Local and Room Mean Age Using Tracer Gas Methods”; “Field Measurements of Ventilation and Ventilation Effectiveness in a Library Building”; “Using Pressurization Measurements to Predict Ventilation Performance and Heating Energy Requirements of a Large Industrial Building”; “An Approach to the Simulation of Coupled Heat and Mass Flow in Buildings”