Ventilation by the windows in classrooms: a case study.

Four classrooms of two secondary schools located around Lyon in France have been monitored. The objectives are to analyse the quality of the indoor air and the thermal comfort and also the behaviour of the occupants towards opening of the windows. This paper briefly describes the context and the nature of the monitoring campaign, and presents the results of the measurements with direct interpretation of the ventilation needs.

Ventilation air flow through window openings in combination with shading devices.

In the UK the increased use of natural ventilation in buildings is being encouraged, particularly during hot weather as an alternative to air conditioning or mechanical ventilation. In order to take advantage of this option building designers need to be able to estimate potential air flows. Conventional calculation methods assume windows to be simple openings, however in practice the situation is more complex since during hot weather the opening is likely to be shielded by some form of solar shading device.

Window ratings.

Testing away the problem