Fluctuating airflow in buildings.


Courtenay place wind environment.

Modelling fluctuating airflow through large openings.

Fluctuating airflow thorough buildings is caused by temporal and spatial variations of wind-induced pressures around building envelopes, and include pulsating airflow and eddy penetrations. Two approaches using a multi-zone pulsating airflow model are introduced in this paper to study the eddy penetration and multi-way airflow through large openings. In the first approach, the eddy flow is considered to be caused by imperfect correlations among pressures at different points of an opening.

Wind tunnel testing of sports stadiums.


Wind induced fluctuating airflow in buildings.

Airflow through a building has both mean and fluctuating components due to spatial and temporal variations in wind-induced pressures. Most of the existing investigations consider the average values of wind pressures and predict steadystate solutions for airflow [1]. This paper presents some experimental results for the validation of a proposed fluctuating airflow model [2]. The new model employs spectral analysis and statistical linearization methods to model the pulsating airflow through buildings.