The influence of wind on bioclimatic town planning.

The influence of wind is an important part of the bioclimatic town planning criteria. Ventilating and mechanical action of the wind towards reduction of air pollution in urban areas is becoming increasingly important and must be analyzed along with other factors such as · thermal losses, comfort etc.

Planted circumstances and wind break techniques in the Isles of the East China sea.

In this paper the authors describe in detail the planted circumstances with wind-break effects developed in the isles of Tonaki and Aguni. tens of kilometers off the main island of Okinawa in the East China Sea; both these isles are abundunt in Fukugi, an evergreen, tall and sturdy tree of tropic origin; and the time-honored Fukugi groves have played an all-important role in protecting the people and their properties against the year-round strong winds and casual but frequent typhoons.

Wind energy associated with buildings.

Salt bath modelling of air flows.