Energy conservation in an old 3-story apartment complex.

Reports study of the potential for energy saving in an old low-rise, 50 unit apartment building. Energy use and heat balance of the building are calculated including heat loss through conduction and air infiltration. Also gives estimate of infiltration rate from a room found using first water vapour thensulphur hexafluoride as a tracer gas. Suggests various strategies for energy conservation which would result in a 30% saving in fuel. Methods are applicable to a wider class of old buildings

Some field experiments with methods of estimating the ventilation rate in animal houses.

Compares methods of calculating ventilation rates in mechanically ventilated animal houses. Ventilation rates in several occupied animal houses were found by 1) measurement of internal to external temperature and moisture differences using a psychrometer;2) measuring decay rates of radioactive krypton as a tracer gas;3) estimating from manufactures rating of fans. Concludes that different methods agree to within the order of 5 or 10% and suggests the use of psychrometer techniques for simplicity.