Condensation and its treatment.


Construction risks and remedies - condensation. Part 1 - risks, Part 2 - remedies.

One of a series of articles focussing on problem areas in buildings. 1) Examines condensation risks in buildings. Treats condensation processes, water vapour input and movement, conditions for surface and interstitial condensation in walls and roofs. 2) Treats condensation avoidance in general, humidity control, controlling vapour flow, adding insulation, heating, mould. Illustrates numerous examples diagrammatically from various building types.

Measurement of water vapour migration and storage in composite building construction.

The moisture and thermal performance of a typical insulated wood-framed residential wall structure was investigated in the laboratory. The study included the effects of three types of vapor retarder systems and the effects of zero, positive, and negative total pressure differences across the wall. Exposure conditions were representative of a northern winter climate.

Air quality control - measurements and experiences.

Too high a concentration of certain gases (e.g. water vapour, carbon dioxide, tobacco smoke, alcohol, etc.) in public buildings can damage the health. Even low concentrations can cause discomfort and make the room air seem unpleasant. This paper describes this subjective perception of air qulaity. It is shown that installation of an appropriate sensor can make substantial energy savings.

Condensation : is the builder to blame?

The article discusses how far the builder is to blame for condensation and its subsequent problems of mould growth. The UK Building Regulations of 1985 for ventilation and condensation do not go far enough in discouraging inadequate forms of

Construction risks and remedies: Condensation. Part 2. The remedies.

Discusses methods of preventing condensation: dehumidification, ventilation, controlling vapour flow; insulation and heating. Particular attention is paid to interstitial condensation and condensation in roofs

Construction risks and remedies: Condensation. Part 1: The risks.

Summarises risk by building type and the various physical processes involved in moisture transfer and condensation.