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An overview of the R-2000 home program design and installation guidelines for ventilation systems.

This paper outlines the development of guidelines for the design and installation of ventilation systems installed in energy efficient homes constructed under the R-2000 Home Program of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada. The guidelines represent one of the first initiatives to develop comprehensive requirements for the design and installation of mechanical ventilation systems for residential buildings in Canada. The guidelines outline requirements for a continuous supply of ventilation air to dilute and therefore control contaminants produced from dispersed sources in a home (e.g.

Tracer gas used to evaluate HVAC equipment.

When controlling the performance of a ventilation system it is important to investigate how the system works together with the building it ventilates. It is the performance of the complete system which is of interest, not its individual components. This paper describes the use of a computer-controlled, tracer-gas measuring system for controlling ventilation systems. By means of 4 measuring probes the condition of the air at the intake, room injection, room extraction and exhaust is registered.