Residential ventilation industry survey August 1988 (revised December 1990).

This document reports on the result of an opinion survey of the residential ventilation industry which was conducted in August of 1988.

Ventilation of domestic buildings.

The series of technical publications 'Energy Efficiency in Buildings' was introduced by British Gas during the International Energy Conservation Month, October 1979, as part of the industry's support of Government energy initiatives. The publications consist of a compilation of technical studies mainly prepared by the staff of British Gas Watson House Research Station. The aim of 'Energy Efficiency in Buildings' is to contribute to the training and development of those concerned with building design and the efficient use of fuel.

Ventilation requirements to prevent surface condensation. Case study for a three-person dwelling.

While the choice of reduction of transmission losses of a building to very low values is more or less only a question of economics, minimizing ventilation to reduce the heat loss may produce a lot of problems regarding air quality and building physics. This problem has not only been experienced in a great number of buildings in Germany, but it is also a problem common to all IEA member countries.