Ventilation solutions the quick way.

Personal exposure in a ventilated room with concentration gradients.

The fact that many people spent more than 90% of their time in a more or less artificial indoor environment (i.e. office, factory, home, transport vehicles etc.) stresses the importance of a proper indoor exposure assessment. When the personal exposure in a ventilated room is to be determined one may choose to perform a series of measurements or to use a model for calculation. Both approaches may lead to erroneous results if they are not treated properly. For instance C.E. Rodes et al.

IEA-ECBCS Annex 17 Final Report, Collins Building Simulation Exercises. Air-conditioning system.

Contains a final synthesis of the simulation exercises on the Collins building, consisting of the thermal simulation of a commercial building coupled with a VAV conditioning system, performed within the IEA - Annex XVII research project (Building

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