Tests of localized ventilation systems in a new controlled environment chamber.

This paper describes tests of thermal and ventilation performance of two relatively new occupant-controlled localized thermal distribution (also called task ventilation) systems. The first is a raised-floor distribution system providing air through grilles in the floor panels, and the second is a desk-mounted unit supplying conditioned air at desktop level. These systems have been tested in a mockup of a typical partitioned open-plan office, and the resulting temperature and air velocity distributions are reported for a variety of system and locally controlled conditions.

Calculation of the air flow pattern in a proposed new European test chamber for radiators.

A new European norm for measuring the heat transfer rate of radiators is under discussion [ CEN TC 130 ]. This testing can be done either in a closed chamber with cooled walls or in a open chamber with a controlled air supply. The air flow pattern around a typical radiator is calculated for both types of chambers. The calculation is done with the program PHOENICS, a finite volume program that solves the conservation equations for mass, momentum and energy. For turbulence, the k-E model is used with the Lam-Bremhorst correction for low Reynolds numbers.

Report on a Swiss project on the emission characteristics of indoor materials.

Energy saving measures with reduced outdoor air change rates may lead to critical indoor air contaminant concentrations. Emission characteristics of construction materials and products play an important role. Therefore a project has been set up at EMPA to investigate emission characteristics of such materials using test chambers.