Impact of ventilation strategies on particle deposition in a test chamber

A cubic experimental chamber with 2.5m of sides was designed to measure the impact of the ventilation on particle concentration. Particles of 0.3 - 15µm diameter were used. Two ventilation parameters were studied: the ventilation rate (0.5 and 1.0 ach) an

Thermal response of Korean college students in a thermal environment chamber

The thermal comfort response of Korean college students was investigated in a thermalenvironment chamber both in summer and winter seasons. Eight thermal conditions consistingof four air temperatures (24, 26, 28, 30C) and three relative humidities (40, 60, 80%) wereselected in summer. Eight thermal conditions consisting of five air temperatures (18, 20, 22,24, 26C) and two relative humidities (40, 60%) were chosen in winter. In each test, sevenfemales or seven males were questioned in the chamber for 3 h, where thermal and comfortsensations were surveyed every 15 min.

Thermal diary-records of temperature exposures during a 24-h period

This paper documents people’s comfort during a 24-h period of typical daily life, immediately followed by a standard climate chamber experiment. The objective of this study is to determine the influence of outdoor weather, expectation, adaptive behaviours

Analysis of the underfloor air distribution system : thermal comfort and energy consumption

That paper presents the results of a thermal comfort evaluation research in a brazilian office building : the measurements show that an underfloor air distribution system can provide comfortable conditions for both sitting and standing occupants along with a reduction of the energy consumption .

Transient modelling of convective movements in a dwelling cell

Numerical modelling of convective air movements inside a heated room was built, using a coupling of a zonal model and integral analysis. The model describes the heat transfer between air and walls, between different air layers inside the room, between air in the room and cold air jet from ventilation air supply, and between air and heat emitter. Experiments were conducted in a testing chamber with floor heating or heating by a hot water radiator, with steps in hot water and ventilation flow rates. Validation results are satisfying.

Dynamic building energy modeling: the significance of tuning based on measurements

This paper presents 3 full-scale test rooms in a series of 14 built in Italy, with different types of façades. The measurements of energy consumption and indoor environment allow a direct comparison between different solutions exposed to identiacal climat

AC pressurisation model tests.

Leakage area measurement by fan pressurisation becomes more difficult as the volume of a building is increased. The equipment becomes bulky, and measurements of air flow through the fan and the resulting pressure differential require more care. AC pressurisation offers an attractive alternative. However, in the case of large industrial buildings, the exterior envelope is often constructed of thin flexible sheet material, and also industrial leakage paths may have a much larger area than is found in, say, typical domestic construction.

The design and testing of a calibration chamber used in the development of an AC pressurization apparatus.

AC pressurisation is a method for measuring the airtightness of buildings. This technique, which is also called the infrasonic method, employs a reciprocating piston or bellows to impose a sinusoidal small change in volume inside the building

The ventilation chamber of the University of Basilicata.

A new facility for the study of ventilation in buildings has been recently developed at the University of Basilicata (Potenza, Italy). This facility consists in a Controlled Ventilation Chamber (CVC), with an overall size of 2.4*2.4*3.0 m (the length may be extended to 4.2 m) . The CVC is divisible in two parts with a connecting door and is equipped with four grilles from which air can be immitted or extracted. A variable speed fan can adjust a flow rate of 0 to 10 ach.