Airflow measurement techniques applied to radon mitigation problems.

During the past decade a multitude of diagnostic procedures associated with the evaluation of air infiltration and air leakage sites have been developed. The spirit of international cooperation and exchange of ideas within the AIC-AIVC conferences has greatly facilitated the adoption and use of these measurement techniques in the countries participating in Annex V. But wide application of such diagnostic methods are not limited to air infiltration alone.

An overview of infiltration and ventilation developments in France.

France is one of the European countries where ventilation has the most advanced regulation. Vertical ducts have been used for a very long time, making easier the transfer from passive to mechanical ventilation ( which covers now 90 % of the blocs of flats and 70 % of the individual housing) . 1969 regulation has been based on a continuous air exhaust from the service rooms and air replacement through inlets in the habitable rooms. This has never been changed since then and is a part of french regulation's features.

Indoor air quality standards and codes in the United States.

This paper covers some of the policy options used in the U. S. concerning regulation of building construction. The extensive code system is discussed, and the voluntary standards upon which the codes are usually based. While the codes set out the mandatory requirements, the standards are voluntary only. Some of the important background, research and philosophy of the standards are covered, as well as other information which has been offerred to users to promote the voluntary use of energy conserving strategies which are compatable with acceptable indoor air quality.