Standards to keep out the draught.


Indoor air quality criteria.


Measured and modelled duct efficiency in manufactured homes: insights for standard 152P.

Modeling of delivery efficiency was performed using three levels of combining measured and default input parameters and compared to measured data from seven manufactured homes. Using values based on all measured data provided modeled efficiency results that were closest to short-term coheat efficiency results. As individual measured parameters were replaced by estimated or default values suggested by the draft version of proposed ASH RAE Standard l 52P, the agreement with measured efficiency results worsened.

Air heating systems for low energy buildings.

Central Europe is, especially in the residential sector, a region using mainly hydronic systems with static heat transfer surfaces, which operate noiselessly and with slow air movements. Cooling is - as yet - not required. This implies that air-heating systems are not very common in Austria. However, new improved building standards may change this situation, because the specific heat load is significantly reduced. In the building sector, both energy savings and a reduction in C02 emissions can be achieved relatively quickly.