TN 70: 40 years to build tight and ventilate right: From infiltration to smart ventilation

As the AIVC was created in 1979, the 40th anniversary of the AIVC was celebrated in October 2019 at the 40th AIVC conference in Ghent. In the context of this celebration, it was decided to publish 2 overview publications:

VIP 39: A review of performance-based approaches to residential smart ventilation

Ventilation Information Paper no39: “A review of performance-based approaches to residential smart ventilation” provides an overview of the regulations and standards proposing “performance-based approaches” in five countries to promote the use of smart ventilation strategies. It shows that a favorable context exists in many countries for the development of smart ventilation strategies.

VIP 38: What is smart ventilation?

In March 2017, AIVC identified smart ventilation for buildings as a new and important topic to be addressed.

Several actions were defined by AIVC Board about this topic in order to exchange and disseminate information on this topic. A working group of AIVC experts from several countries was created. One of its tasks was to agree on a definition of smart ventilation.

The purpose of this ventilation information paper is to present and illustrate this definition of "smart ventilation".

Towards performance-based approaches for smart residential ventilation: a robust methodology for ranking the systems and decision-making

Smart ventilation which provides air renewal thanks to its variable airflows adjusted on the needs can improve both indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy performance of buildings. However, such performance gains should be quantified with performance-based approaches. In this paper, we propose to extend the performance-based approach with a robust methodology to rank the ventilation systems performance. Such a methodology could be used in a decision-making tool at the design stage of buildings.

Evaluation of supply temperature set-points and airflow imbalance using smart ventilation data

The installation of central mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) in renovated apartment buildings presents considerable challenges, primarily due to insufficient space for ductwork. Consequently, many renovation projects are installing decentralised MVHR units, catering to individual apartments. Many of these devices offer the option of communicating with their controllers via Modbus, BACnet, KNX, or internet APIs, provided the necessary resources are available for the connection.

Performance 2 project - Winter IAQ campaigns in 13 dwellings equipped with Humidity-based DCV systems: analysis of the ventilation performance after 15 years of use

The Performance 2 project (2020-2024) is a French national research project that aims to evaluate the durability of Humidity-based Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) systems installed in two multi-family social housing buildings (Paris and Villeurbanne) over than 10 years ago. This evaluation includes the analysis of continuous measurements performed on the ventilation system (sensors located close to the air terminal devices) and two additional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) campaigns including two other monitors placed in the “dry” rooms conducted in 13 dwellings.

What we know about smart ventilation

The buildings ‘sector is facing multiple challenges due to the need to generalize a sober approach and to reduce its energy consumption, its CO2 emissions and its impact on climate change, to reduce its environmental impact and its carbon footprint, to reduce the burden of disease due to exposure to unhealthy indoor environments and to adapt and be resilient in the face of climate change and environmental changes such as the increase in pandemics, the urban heat island and outdoor pollution.

Feedback from the AIVC webinar "Smart ventilation in non-residential buildings"

We are happy to inform you that the recordings and slides of the AIVC webinar; "Smart ventilation in non-residential buildings. How to assess? How to design?" held on 12 December, 2023 are now available online here.

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Upcoming AIVC webinar: "Smart ventilation in non-residential buildings. How to assess? How to design?"

The AIVC is inviting you to register for the upcoming webinar "Smart ventilation in non-residential buildings. How to assess? How to design?" to be held on December 12th, 2023 (15:00 - 16:30 CET). Participation is free for all, but prior registration is required.

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