An outside look at heat, air and moisture transport in envelope parts.

Provoked to present a provocative paper on outside environmental conditions, a short discussion of relevant phenomena is offered. This paper reviews what we need to know about outdoor climate in order to solve HAM questions. In the Netherlands virtually all current meteorological parameters are measured at 5 stations; rain at 300, temperature and humidity at about 40. What do we want to do with it?

Ventilation control within exhaust fan ventilated houses.

Modern one-family houses in Scandinavia are often ventilated by an exhaust fan. Most of the outdoor air probably enters through whatever cracks and openings there are and only a small part enters through the supply vents in many of these houses. The overall supply of outdoor air might be adequate, but some rooms often do not get enough of outdoor air. The constant concentration tracer gas technique was used to examine the supply of outdoor air. Fan pressurization combined with infrared photography were employed to characterize the air leakage of the building.

Trends '90: A compendium of data on global change.

This document is a source of frequently used global change data. This first issue includes estimates for global and national C02 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and from the production of cement, historical and modem records of atmospheric C02 and methane concentrations, and several long-term temperature records. Included are tabular and graphical presentations of the data, discussions of trends in the data, and references to publications that provide further information. Data are presented in a two-page format, each dealing with a different data set.