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outdoor air

Study on the indoor air quality.

Since the cost of energy is increasing sharply a trend to conserve energy in the indoor environment and in addition to improvements in thermal insulation, two possible solutions are adopted. The first one is to provide reduced air gaps and opening for newly constructed buildings to minimise the infiltration of outdoor air. The second one is to reduce the ventilation rate or the fresh air supplied in air conditioned buildings. These two solutions are the reason for some serious problems of indoor air quality.

The protection ability of the building shell against sudden outdoor air contamination.

A sudden contamination of the outdoor air by some toxic gas can have several causes. To find out the protection afforded by sheltering indoors was the primary goal of the investigation. The object of the computational approach was a single family house with 2 floors. Three different models were utilized to calculate the infiltration air flows, the contaminant transport inside the building and the temperature decay of the building.