Outside air ventilation control and monitoring.


Ventilation control as a function of indoor and outdoor air quality.

The majority of urban pollution is traffic related and often shows daily variations with peaks occurring at rush hours. Poor outdoor air quality can affect the IAQ of local buildings that ventilate with polluted air. This is particularly applicable to buildings where AHU air intakes are at low level and adjacent to busy roads. The effect of pollution peaks can be minimized by ventilation control and this paper presents potential control techniques for periods when outdoor air quality is poor.

Air pollution and natural ventilation in an urban building: a case study.

In recent years, increases in pollution emissions resulting from an increase in vehicular traffic have caused great public concern regarding the quality of urban air and its impact on those working in these areas. In buildings this has led to an increase in the installation of air conditioning systems to 'clean' the incoming air. However, with environmental issues in mind such as high energy costs, the related C02 emissions and global warming, designers are increasingly being encouraged to consider natural ventilation as the primary design option.