Sensitivity analysis for modellers.

This short article aims to inform modellers and model users about efficient sensitivity analysis methods. Also presented is a tool under development aimed at simplifying the application of sensitivity methods. Such techniques are essential to add confid

Indoor climate in rooms with cooled ceiling systems.


Computational fluid dynamics modelling for industrial ventilation applications.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFO) modelling techniques have been used extensively and with considerable success for many years in providing environmental and physiological flow conditions in applications as diverse as:

Soft-computing models for naturally ventilated buildings.

In this study, a mixed mode building, namely the Portland Building at the University of Portsmouth is considered. It combines both Natural Ventilation and conventional Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning systems to maintain the internal comfort. The paper presents the development of Sof1 Computing models to predict the internal temperature in one of the offices using information from neighbouring rooms, corridor and the outside. To derive this model, the so called Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy lnference System method is used.