Analysis of the underfloor air distribution system : thermal comfort and energy consumption

That paper presents the results of a thermal comfort evaluation research in a brazilian office building : the measurements show that an underfloor air distribution system can provide comfortable conditions for both sitting and standing occupants along with a reduction of the energy consumption .

Flow behaviour in a ventilated room - Measurements and simulations -

Disturbances from the surroundind environment and boundary conditions can influence very much the flow pattern , particles concentration and temperature distribution in a room.This report confirms the importance of working with measurements and simulations in parallel. Simulations of indoor air quality need to be validated . Guidelines on how to combine results are discussed in the paper.

The impact of an uniformly distributed thermal load on mixed flow

Experiments were carried out in a scaled test room equipped with 9 vortex inlets uniformly distributed, exhaust outlets near the floor and 64 mannequins to simulate cooling loads. The study describes the air flow pattern observed and the relationship between the air velocity and the cooling load per m2 for mixed flow.

Experimental study on a ductless air supply system using low temperature air

Experioments has been conducted with a ice thermal storage and a ceiling plenum. This ductless air supply system can be an alternative to the use of chilled water tubes. This system supplies air to the ceiling plenum chamber by mixing return air and low temperature air.

Modeling an under floor air distribution system

A model of an UFAD system in a ventilated room is proposed , the room is ventilated with one heat source and one cooling vent as a two-layer stratification.

Analysis of thermal plumes generated by a seated person, a thermal manikin and a dummy

The experiment shows that the temperature and velocity fields generated above a seated person are comparatively better approached by a thermal manikin rather than a cylindrical dummy.

Obstacle effects on airflow and contamination around an open type livestock building

That study aimed at investigating the contaminate distribution in and around a naturally ventilated livestockbuilding with and without an upstream obstacle.

Jet drop and draft risk in a mixing ventilation office : experimental and numerical investigations

This paper is a presentation of a theoretical and experimental analysis of supply air jet flow patterns in a mixing ventilation system. Investigation procedure aims at reducing draft risks.

Experimental investigation of the velocity field and air flow pattern generated by cooling ceiling beams.

In the modem office environment there are numerous heat generating equipment. In addition there are loads from solar radiation and heat produced by people. Therefore, the loads will often exceed.the load the ventilation system can cope with. To meet this demand on extra cooling capacity the commercial market provides cooling ceiling panels and cooling beams. A literature review shows that until now the majority of the research has been focused on the cooling performance and only a minor part on the thermal comfort and air quality.