Using ASHRAE 110 hood testing as a TQM tool to improve laboratory fume hood performance.

ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995, Method of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods (ASHRAE 1995) yields quantitative data about fume hood containment and can be used in a classical total quality management (TQM) approach to process improvement. This involves measuring process indicators, analyzing probable causes of poor performance, implementing changes to the process, and again measuring the indicators to determine the efficacy of the changes implemented.

Florida Solar Energy Center: one year later.


A laboratory for investigation of the air quality in simulated indoor environments.

A laboratory, designed to form the basis for research aiming at increasing the knowledge concerning the interactions between indoor pollution sources and the indoor environment, has been taken into operation. One long term purpose of the activities in the laboratory is to develop theoretical models, based on experimental data, for the prediction of the air quality in real buildings. At present, the experiments focus on the relationship between the emission of pollutants from building materials and the environmental parameters, i.e.