Efficient air conditioning of swimming pools buildings Effiziente Klimatizierung von Schwimmhallen

The article discusses the design of the system with heat recovery to be used for the ventilation/air conditioning of a swimming pool building, in which air reaches high temperatures and humidities. The systems described and analysed use heat recovery through air to air heat exchanger or heat recovery through heat exchanger and heat pump.

Dynamic calculation of thermal performance of balanced ventilation in an individual house : comparisons between different systems

Using performance characteristics of balanced ventilation units tested in laboratory of CETIAT, a complete ventilation system in an individual house is modelised, in details. Simulations are made with TRNSYS program and hourly dynamic calculations on the heating season, on different French climates (three) and different ventilation configurations (five) : high efficiency or classical balanced system inside the attic or inside the heated volume and simple exhaust ventilation system.

Intercomparaison test of ventilation heat recovery units in houses

The CEN TC 156 / WG2 (ventilation for residential buildings) has prepared a new European draft for the test method of Heat Recovery Units (prEN 13141-7). This method should ensure a common way of testing these units all over Europe. In order to determine if the draft procedure is sufficient enough, both VTT and CETIAT has proceeded to some tests according to the new European standard on the same unit. Results on this first intercomparison give interesting data on the test method applied.

Ground heat exchangers Erd-Luft-Wärmetauscher

Describes the principle of ground heat exchangers for outside fresh air, giving indications about their design rules and their energy performance, as well as recommendations for their hygienic operation.

Houses withous heating systems. Evaluation of the first winter

Twenty terrace houses without heating system has been built in Sweden. The houses are extremely well insulated and very airtight. They are also quipped with a high efficiency ventilation heat recovery system. The total electricity consumption and the air temperature in two positions has been monitored for each of the houses on an hourly bases. Further has the environmental conditions, i.e. outdoor temperature, wind, sun etc been monitored. In six of the houses separate measurements of electricity consumption for ventilation and hot water has also been performed.

Energy-efficient multistory apartment building in Moscow

The new perspective technology in building heat supply and climatisation, are given in this paper. The main energy-saving solutions are following: architectural and layout design taking into account the influence of solar radiation and wind direction; high thermal insulation of building envelope and glazing; mechanical supply-and-exhaust ventilation systems for each flat; Ground heat and exhaust air heat recovery for hot water supply; doublepipe heating system for each flat, horizontal, equipped with flat heat meters and thermostatic valves installed at each room heater.

Improved heat recovery & air conditioning heat pump - Application in a northern hospital

This paper presents the configuration and some experimental performance data for an improved, custom designed heat recovery & air conditioning retrofitting system, developed for a hospital located in a Canadian cold-climate environment. The two-stage heat recovery system includes a conventional glycol heat exchanger and a prototype of a reversible air-to-air heat pump between the exhaust and the fresh air streams.

Heating systems : energy savings and better comfort Heizen mit System : Energieeinsparung und Komfortgewinn

The article describes the advantages of heating designed as a system. It shows (among others) the features of balanced ventilation systems with heat recovery and compact ventilation appliances (heat recovery from ventilation exhaust air through a heat exchanger and a heat pump, to provide warm fresh air and domestic hot water).

Heat pumps in compact ventilation appliances for solar passive houses - Part 2 Kompressionswärmepumpen inLüftungs-Kompaktgeräten für Solar-Passivhäuser - Teil 2

Compact ventilation appliances appeared on the market for solar passive houses. They include a heat pump to transfer heat from ventilation exhaust air to fresh air and/or domestic hot water. This article is the second part of a serie of two. It continues to describe a model for simulating the operation and performance of such appliances which was developped to be used in the TRNSYS software environment. It compares the results of calculations with those of laboratory measurements.

Heating and domestic hot water in a low energy house - Part 2 - Heizung und Warmwasserbereitung im Niedrigenergiehaus

Dynamic simulation calculations were operated using TRNSYS software applied to a low energy house. This article is the second one of a serie of two. The first one was dealing with ventilation. This one mainly concerns heating system and domestic hot water production through a gas boiler. It also gives general conclusions, some of them dealing with ventilation.