Indoor Air '84: a great deal of attention to 'sick buildings'. Indoor Air '84: veel aandacht voor 'sick buildings'.

Summarises the issues discussed at the Indoor Air '84 conference in Stockholm. The main topics include sick buildings, organic compounds, formaldehyde, combustion products, and radon.

An investigation of operational factors that influence emission rates from gas appliances

Reports the result of investigation of the impact of various operational factors on trace combustion products emission rates from unvented gas appliances including ranges and space heaters. The impact of the following factors on the indoor NO, NO2 and CO emission rates were evaluated under controlled conditions in an environmental chamber - 1) the appliance typeand/or design, 2) the primary aeration level, 3) the fuel input rate, 4) the time dependence of emission rates, and 5) the presence of absorbing surfaces such as wood, plaster board, curtains, carpets, linoleum and plaster.

Multivariate model for predicting NO2 levels in residences based upon sources and source use

Diffusion-type passive monitors were placed for a two-week period in each of 303 residences in the New Haven (Conn.) area during a 12 week sampling period January to April 1983. For each home NO2 levels were recorded outdoors, and in three ro

Regulations governing minimum ventilation. Bestammelsenligt ventilations minimum.

Considers the dangers of gases which are present in indoor air and which cannot be detected orally. Notes current regulations in Finland governing indoor air quality. Illustrates sense of comfort with example using a bus and various measures to provide satisfactory air to all parts of the bus. Considers current knowledge on air change rates and personal comfort.

Indoor air pollution and its effects on health.

Studies indoor air pollution (and its effect on health) arising from gas cooking. 6-11 year olds from selected primary schools were studied annually from 1973-1977 to see if there was any association between gas cookers in the home and respiration illness.