Air quality of kitchens in Jaipur city due to the use of LPG as a cooking fuel: part I : role of the exhaust fan in dissipating the pollution generated

There is an increasing evidence of air related sickness among infants and housewives in urbanIndia due to the use of liquefied petroleum gas. An attempt has been made in this study, tomonitor kitchens of 13 houses in the city of Jaipur for possible residential indoor air pollution(IAP), i.e. carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and respirablesuspended particulate matter generated during cooking. The role of the exhaust fan as aninexpensive means to dissipate these gases of combustion has also been studied.

Human exposure to particulate and gaseous pollutants in a bar

There is increasing evidence of a causal link between airborne particles and ill health and thisstudy examined the exposure to both airborne particles and the gas phase contaminants ofenvironmental tobacco smoke (ETS) in a bar. The work reported here utilized concurrent andcontinuous monitoring using real-time optical scattering personal samplers to recordparticulate (PM10) concentrations at two internal locations. Very high episodes were observedin seating areas compared with the bar area.

Statistical analysis of parameters influencing the relationship between outdoor and indoor air quality

Within the framework of the French national research program PRIMEQUAL, measurementsof outdoor and indoor pollution have been carried out in eight schools of La Rochelle (France)and its suburbs. The buildings were naturally ventilated by opening the windows ormechanically ventilated, and showed various air permeabilities. Ozone, nitrogen oxides (NOand NO2), and particles (15 size intervals ranging from 0.3 to 15 m) concentrations werecontinuously monitored indoors and outdoors for two 2-week periods.

Filters for gaseous contaminants: performance measurement and impact on ventilation systems.

Filters for gaseous contaminants which are used inside HVAC systems are characterised by means of rated air flow rate, air motion resistance, trend of the mass efficiency versus time and holding capacity of the considered gas. The determination of the characteristics cannot do without the use of experimental activities, even though many aspects seem to be foreseeable through calculation models based on general laws. A test rig for granular media which uses toluene in small concentrations in the air is presented here.

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