Airtightness requirements in France – Measurements performed according to EN ISO 9972

The current French EP regulation called “RT 2012” imposes a maximum airtightness level2 of residential buildings envelope: 0.6 m3.h-1.m-2 for single-family houses and 1 m3.h-1.m-2 for multi- family buildings. The respect of these requirements must be justified either with an airtightness test of each building or by the application of a certified quality management approach on the building airtightness. In both cases, airtightness tests must be performed by a third-party tester, qualified by the certification body, Qualibat.

Ventilation inspection schemes in France


Introduction to demand controlled ventilation in France

Demand controlled ventilation systems are representing a large majority of installations in France. They are commonly used for more than 35 years. The strong development of these systems can be explained by the French regulatory framework for air renewal. These demand controlled systems have been developed in order to optimise the energy consumption and at the same time to ensure indoor air quality and building durability. In residential buildings, demand control is based mainly on humidity whereas in commercial buildings it is based on occupancy and/or CO2 levels.