The decontamination by air filtration of premises affected by formaldehyde. Sanering av lokaler kontaminerade med formaldehyd genom filtrering av luften.

Reports study to investigate the possibilities of purifying air from formaldehyde by using a filter that brings the air into contact with an adsorbent substance. Finds that the type of adsorbent substance that works satisfactorily is that which involves adsorption in combination with the oxidation breakdown of adsorbent substances. Compares costs for residential premises between a) an increase in ventilation and the use of a heat exchanger and b) the type of air purification and recirculation describes above.

Practical methods of reducing airborne contaminants in interior spaces.

Air contaminants include all gases, vapours, liquid droplets and solids, including microogranisms of small size that can be dispersed in air and that are unwanted. Contaminants can be removed by dilution of the air, by deposition of particles on surfaces or by reaction with other materials in air or in space (such as furnishings).< This article discusses in general terms the reduction of contaminants and gives equations of concentrations of contaminants after time t. Discusses types of filters and their effectiveness.