Design methodology and economic evaluation of central-fan-integrated supply ventilation systems.

Residential ventilation systems can be categorized as supply, exhaust, or balanced systems.This effort focused on establishing a design methodology for central-fan-integrated supplyventilation systems. Air flow measurements were taken for 7.6 m lengths of 12.7 cm through22.9 cm diameter flexible ducts, with a 15.2 cm wall-cap, at duct pressures of -10 Pa to -120Pa. Using these measurements and field experience, a five-step method was developed as aguide for sizing and installing the ventilation system.

Oversized kitchen fans - an exhausting problem.

No longer relegated to the garage or the workshop, the search for more power is taking over the kitchen, as commercial-sized kitchen fans invade the home. The problem is, residential kitchens aren't regulated the way commercial kitchens are. This causes potential hazards when these huge fans are turned on.

Fan Size and Energy Efficiency

The use of ceiling mounted circulating fans to provide air movement for cooling in industrial premises and animal houses is particularly essential in warm, humid climates. Methods to substantially improve the efficiency of this approach are demonstrated in this paper. Fan laws are identified as one source of strategies for increasing energy-efficiency of fans. Industrial ceiling fans are used to demonstrate that using larger, slower, fans will not only improve energy efficiency but also reduce fan noise.

Ventilation alternatives for maritime houses - Final report.


Supply ventilation system design: outside air duct to return side of central fan.

A number of systems exist for ventilation of residential buildings. In general, they can be categorized as supply, exhaust, or balanced ventilation systems. Subcategories include integration into central air distribution ducts, or single- or multi-point air distribution. This effort focused on establishing a design methodology for centrally integrated supply ventilation systems using an outside air duct to the return side of a central air distribution fan.

Local thermal discomfort caused by fan convectors.