Barclaycard headquarters.

Advanced bioclimatic architecture for buildings.

The town-planning guide for the areas of the high speed rail station of Florence, is finalised at the synthesis of a comprehensive strategic design of the overall objectives bring out by the town-planning scheme of the city. The new bioclimatic strategies realised for the new buildings involved natural lighting systems, roof developed such green areas, passive solar glazed facades, passive natural ventilation, underground design strategies.

A holistic approach to a new superstore environment for the next millennium.

A concept design is proposed for a new generation of superstores, which addresses the global problem of Carbon Dioxide emissions and the demand of retail traders for increasing economies in energy. The new superstore building has been engineered from the ground up to incorporate the current best practice in environmental design. With application of suitable energy conservation technologies it is proposed that this approach will provide a retail environment fit for the next millem1ium and achieve a 50% reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions over a conventional supermarket.