Duct cleaning can be a risky business.

A survey study of isolation rooms for tuberculosis in Taiwan.

Isolation rooms for Tuberculosis in fifteen hospitals have been surveyed and measured in twophases. In phase 1 the isolation rooms in seven hospitals were checked ater the hospitalsrenovation construction had been finished. However in phase 2 all the design drawings of theair-conditioning and ventilation/exhaust system of isolation rooms in eight other hospitalswere checked and revised by ERLs engineer before starting construction. The survey itemsinclude ventilation rate ' static pressure ' temperature and humidity.

Indoor air quality and infection problems in operating theatres.

There is a risk that patients can catch a range of infections during any stay in a hospital. A recent UK Office of Health Economics report highlighted that 10% of in-patients contract a hospital acquired infection from one source or another. There are many sources of infection but one specific route is via the surgical wound during an operation. Bacteria can be carried from the source to the wound site by currents of air causing post-operative infection at a later date.

Indoor air pollution: an introduction for health professionals.


Ventilation of operating theatres.


Aerodynamics of the human microenvironment.